AKS has the space for you to be COVID compliant.

What AKS can do for you?


Short-term rentals

We can help with all your production office needs with no long term commitment. We have over 8,000 square feet of production office space available for one day or six months, whatever you need.

All under one roof

We have private offices, flexible workspace, multiple bathrooms, and separate access points to give your crew the all space they need. Our generous floor plan allows you to create separate workspaces to keep teams apart. Have your team under one roof - but with adequate social distance.


Any size production

Doesn’t matter if you have a large or small crew, we can supply you with the individual custom spaces you need to do things right. There is no need to have everyone stepping over each other. Let us design a space to give all your departments the proper space they need.

Makeup, wardrobe and dressing rooms

You are gonna love our dedicated wardrobe, makeup, and hair spaces. We’ve created a cluster of wardrobe, makeup, talent dressing rooms all connected by a client lounge. This custom-designed space is perfect for a feature film or just a simple fitting.